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I was 32 when diagnosed with breast cancer & had a double mastectomy. My battle has been brutal but I see myself as survivor.  All I want is to help others.

Jill’s story has spread fast across the globe and she is overwhelmed by the support she’s received from so many. This site was created so  those who love Jill and are praying for her,  can share her journey, and for Jill to share with you, her story. It’s a place for Jill to help others. This remarkable young woman will change the way you live.

“I think the hardest time for me is the summer time. I  feel my self esteem kind of gets tested. I sit at the pool and I stare at these women who are so lucky to have these beautiful breasts that I once had and maybe I took them for gratide. Then I find myself snapping back into reality and I then look down at my breasts and I think why am I even complaining, I AM ALIVE!!!”

Jill Brzezinski-Conley was diagnosed with Stage IIIC invasive breast cancer one day before her 32nd birthday on July 15th 2009 – just 6 months after she married the man of her dreams. Her journey began with the most progressive form of treatment available. Contrary to what most people think, the younger you are, the more aggressive breast cancer can be. Jill’s treatment included 16 rounds of grueling chemotherapy, 31 rounds of radiation and 4 surgeries including a double mastectomy with additional surgery ahead. During her treatment she suffered a broken rib and endured serious complications after her reconstructive surgery. However her strength and determination proved pivotal, and after 2 years Jill was in remission and now considers herself a survivor.

Unfortunately 12 months later Jill found out she had developed bone cancer and at 35 years old, the prognosis is terminal. Through all of this, Jill has kept her wit, determination, and never ending smile, with no room for self pity, while frequently making jokes about her baldness, lack of eyebrows and eyelashes. Her sense of humor, courage, positive attitude and inner beauty is truly remarkable. Anyone who has ever met Jill will tell you that she leaves you with a lasting impression. The room lights up upon her arrival.

In September 2012, Jill’s best friend Nikki Closser reached out to world acclaimed portrait photographer Sue Bryce. Sue was so overwhelmed with Jill’s story and the message she wanted to share with the world, that she was instantly determined to help this beautiful girl spread that message. Sue arranged for Nikki and Jill to meet her in Paris where she would photograph Jill, capture her incredible beauty and help to tell her story to inspire others and educate the world about Breast Cancer. In Jill’s own words, to help women – even one woman. A fabulous documentary was filmed in Paris by Hailey Bartholomew and soon after Sue and Hailey had created The Light That Shines.

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton.

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  1. You truly are a Very Special Person! I’m sure that you are helping a lot of other women & men that are going through what you & you Husband are. All I can say is “Keep fighting for as much ‘Quality Of Life’ time that You & Your Husband can share together!!”
    Send With Caring & Love from a Husband on Staten Island,NY, Married for almost 37 years.
    I forwarded the link to a number of Close Friends.

  2. I just saw your stunningly beautiful photos in Paris and read about your story. I just had to leave a note to say what a beautiful woman you are and that even in the midst of your struggles you still want to think of and inspire others. I’m sending you strength and love and prayers from Oregon.

  3. Hello, Jill. Your story has touched my heart and made me cry like a baby during “The Light That Shines”. I can confidently say that I will never forget you and your story.
    – Eva

  4. Just watched the video and you are an inspiration and have made me grateful for what I have and you’re such a beautiful and strong woman so thank you for putting your story out there. There aren’t really words for how much you’ve affected me today, encouraging me to live life to the fullest x

  5. Jill…WOW…I am blown away by your beauty. I saw your interview on the Today Show and I went straight to my computer to see your full story. You have touch my heart by sharing your story. You are SO brave and I appreciate you sharing your life with me through your video. You have TRUELY touched my heart! I am going to share this link with a couple of friends and I am sure it will touch their hearts the same as you have touched mine. I rally with you and hope that Victoria Secret does allow a women that is or has had Breast Cancer to wear the Million Dollar Bra in their next show. Please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. Hats off to your WONDERFUL husband that has been by your side! I wish the best for you and your family…You are a BEAUTIFUL young lady and your smile is breathtaking.

    Best Wishes,
    Theresa G

  6. I seen you on the today show today and must I say you are a beautiful woman I’m so happy for what you are doing. I’m sure you will inspire a lot of women all over the world. Your pictures are amazing,very stunning.

  7. Jill, just watched you on the today show. You are truly an inspiration to me. I was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of bc in May of 2011, stage 3b. Like you, had chemo, surgery (bilateral mastectomy) & radiation. I try to focus on here & now, & from day one have prayed for strength. Thank you for your strength, & for reminding me to be grateful for each day in life. Someone said they wanted to pray for me, but they didn’t know what to pray for. I didn’t know how to answer that, but after seeing you, I would pray that everyone going through difficult times in life, would have your love, strength, & courage, & be surrounded by people like you to get them through it. Thank you Jill!

  8. Jill, seeing you on the Today show, I went immediately to view this incredible story which captured your essence so beautifully. You are and will always be a shining light in this world. You have gone far beyond your goal of affecting one woman’s life. I suspect by now you have impacted millions of women and men. In prayer on a spiritual retreat almost a decade ago, I kept continually hearing, “It’s all about the Light.” I have prayed about that thought; and here and there, I have seen the truth of it. Today, you were that truth, “It’s all about the Light.” Your light I sense comes from God, and you are palpably radiating love, life and light. You will remain in my prayers.

  9. Jill~
    You are truly an inspiration……and beautiful, inside and out…. Thank you, for you courage to share your story….

    May you be blessed and know the healing touch of God’s hand upon you!

    Love and light,

  10. Adrienne would love an opportunity to Chat with you….

    She spoke with Debbie Barret this week and we are doing something for her. Would like the opportunity to do the same for you..

  11. I just watched your video. You have blessed me and truly you are a Angel. You are the most beautiful person inside and out. Your story will help a lot of people going thur this. Cancer is a monster that touches everyone in some way. Watching this I found myself looking at you as the beautiful person that you are, and not someone that has this label of having Cancer. I think it would be amazing if you were the Victoria Secret Model wearing that bra! God bless you! Thoughts and prayers to you and your amazing husband. Linda, from Greenville, Ky

  12. There are no words to begin to even describe the kind of woman you are. Your smiling face will never leave me, you have made me feel beautiful even with this ugly disease. I was diagnosed this past year at 23 and I really needed this message from you. You are beyond beautiful and strong. You will constantly be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of love your way. Exodus 14:14

  13. I, too, am a recently post mastectomy cancer “survivor”, twice your age (at the beginning of your journey) with much less treatment needed. My diagnosis came 3 days before my youngest son’s wedding. I am in support of your venture, for in “looking good-we feel better” and continue our journeys in repair and recovery. May you have continued faith in the future and keep your effervescent smile.

  14. Jill, you are one of the greatest women I had the chance to read about in my entire life. As an independent woman and photographer from Canada, I congratulate you for having used photography to convey your beautiful message. You are a beautiful person, inside out. I’m sending you so much love from Montreal, Quebec!

  15. February 23rd marks the 17 year anniversary of my sisters death. She was 42 years old! Thank you for honoring her with your grace. If she had lived long enough, she would have wanted to go with you to Paris. Thank you for honoring all the women who have died from breast cancer. you are a gem! May light & love surround you….Susan North

  16. Beautiful woman, beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Keep shining your light! You will be an inspiration to many, many woman going forward. It is about the beauty on the inside that matters most. And Victoria’s Secret take note!!

  17. Thank you.
    I’m 32 yrs old – stage IIIA triple positive – and am so encouraged by your bravery and the light that shines out of you.


  18. Jill-You are an inspiration! As I watched the documentary I was so touched by your courage, perseverance, beauty and the joy that exudes from you. My aunt had breast cancer and I witnessed her trials, so THANK YOU for being a light for the cause and reminding women what true beauty is! I worked for VS; perhaps things will work out. You have my support, I would love to see you rock the runway! Remain encouraged. God bless you; you’re in my prayers.

    Much love…Takeshia

  19. Hi Jill, my name is Alexandra, and I also was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1998, which had emergency surgery and on remission until today, and for that I am so grateful and blessed. My dear friend Martha “Cubanarama” introduced me to your story and asked me to promote your story on my Facebook “Hanavi Adonai”, which I was honored to do. You are a truly beautiful woman, your smile says it all. God blessed you with a wonderful husband right on time for you not to be alone in this situation, he did the same with me. I married my soul mate and best friend , and six months later I found out about my cancer, My husband was my strength and the man that has stood next to me threw everything. God bless you both, keep your head up, keep hope alive, and live everyday like if it was your last, that is the way I live life after my battle with cancer. God is good, and if you don’t know him personally, I would love to introduce Him to you, for He is my strength , my Lord and my Savior , He is real. Only He knows who can be a light among all the darkness in this world, and it takes a special lady like you to Brighton up any dark room with your beautiful smile. May God bless you and I will be praying for you everyday , to give you the peace, love and joy you give to others.

  20. God bless you, I just stumbled upon your website and WOW what a true inspiration you are! I pray more woman get inspired to be themselves. In the past I lost two beautiful ladies in my life to breast cancer, you hit it on the head when you said it’s more then just the person going through cancer, it’s the mate, family, friends and anyone else. Be encouraged and not discouraged because we all have a part of God in us,….so we all win!

  21. First, you are a beautiful courageous woman! On the day before my 38th birthday I had a mastectomy. No need to describe what went went on because we have all heard the stories. There are so many stories and so many victories! I turned 61 a few days ago and can say I was given a new life. Not just that I am still alive but I’ve had the courage to do what I might not have. I found my wonderful husband 8 years ago and we have a great life together. I am grateful for that. There is sadness though, for those women who aren’t given that opportunity.
    You are proving that we can have a second life whether it be one year or 23, we can do something beautiful. I am so proud of you sweet young lady for making the decision to do something so beautiful and encouraging. Praying for you

  22. Oh my days!!!! A friend of mine shared Jill’s story with me today……I was just so inspired by your spirit and energy…..it shines out from your smile! I feel so humble by your positivity and courage and 179% support your Victoria’s Secret million dollar bra idea! I wish you continued love and peace and an eternity of being certain you have loved & been loved and have made an enormous positive difference in the lives of so January people. Thank you So much for teaching me that no matter how my body looks I am beautiful…..

  23. You are a fabulous role model for women and girls. I am a bc survivor also, having gone through a double mastectomy too. I saw your video, and had to show my daughter who is 11. We both sat and cried . You are so powerful and beautiful inside and out. When I need inspiration, or am scared of a reoccurance, I watch your video and it gives me strength and hope. It reminds me that every day needs to be lived to the fullest. I am so happy you have a wonderful support group behind you! I feel insecure when people look at me and my scars at the pool, and then I remember you….and say to myself, I’M ALIVE!!!!
    You are the essence of strength, and are in my heart

  24. Thank you for sharing your story. There are many women who are fighting cancer and many who aren’t, but this message reaches all. My mother is in remission from fighting breast cancer and this really makes me appreciate all survivors that much more. I hope you are reminded by these comments what your bravery and spirit means to every person who’s read your story. You are an inspiration and a true symbol of grace. May you always be in peace whenever you are <3

  25. Jill & Bart,

    It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with both of you…it was a day I will never forget!!!! You are both such an inspiration. Jill, your ability to be positive and maintain a HILARIOUS sense of humor is incredible. Bart, your love & dedication for Jill is something every girl dreams of! I hope to see you both again, but if I don’t, I will be forever grateful for the few hours we spent on a patio in Las Cruces, NM! :)



  26. Wow! What an incredible story! You are an unbelievable person who radiates beauty like I have never seen before. Don’t ever for a moment doubt your beauty and your womanhood, your more of a woman then most with that confidence and shinning heart you have. Keep dancing, laughing and smiling! You changed my life! 😘

  27. I saw your story on the Today show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. I will pray for you. Your battle is uphill. I can not imagine being so young and going through what you are. I lost both parents to cancer. My Mom is 2010, June and my Dad 2012, November. Your story is inspirational. I pray you accomplish all you want in life.

  28. Wow Jill.
    I saw your story on Hoda & Kathy Lee this AM, and I found myself so inspired by you. To see your bravery and confidence was to see the epitome of beauty. You are a warrior and inspiration and you are a living legacy. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your vulnerability and courage. I was blessed to hear you speak, and I pray that God will abundantly bless you and continue to provide you with strength, courage and hope.

    Much love,

  29. I just saw your interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda. I had to stop what I was doing and immediately leave you a message!! You are a remarkable and inspiring young woman!! I, too, am a survivor. My 1st breast cancer diagnosis was Aug.21,2007. I was 30 years old. Fought it and won! However, it came back on Feb.16,2009. Knocked me down but fought it and as of May 1, 2013, I’m in remission! I have made a few public speeches and my story has been published on a few websites, as well. I would LOVE to talk with you more bc you truly are AMAZING!! May the good Lord continue to get you and your husband thru each day. My husband was and is my ROCK, too!! Thanks for making my day better!!

  30. You truly are the embodiment of God given beauty! I have Multiple Sclerosis, and many times try my best to reflect the ONE I serve! I TRULY believe life is a gift, and few of us are fortunate enough to see that… Especially in the face of adversity! Girl, you keep spreading hope… That’s all anyone can count on… By the way, I had to leave work in 2000…I am a mammographer!! Thank you for all you are doing… and give your wonderful husband a strength “hug” !! Blessings,prayer,and much peace (Is:40:31) I’m gonna soar!!!

  31. You are such a beautiful person and listening to your story has touched my heart….my father has bone cancer,we take it one day at a time, so now when I pray for dad..I will be praying for you too….

  32. Dear Jill, I am (was) the best friend of a dear woman, Charlene Gerads, with a very similar story to yours. She was magical in her attitude, like you, and would say to me “if not for this cancer, I would be the healthiest 50 year old around”. She too was diagnosed with Stage IIIC invasive breast cancer in her 30s. Went five years before the second return and then after that it was more of a chronic illness that she battled for more than a decade. That was already 6 years ago. What she used to say to me was I just wait for the next great medicine because there was often one more that would extend her life. The thing about Charlene is she, much like you, shared her message and lived each day to the fullest. She taught all of us around her to try to do the same even without the experience of cancer. A gift, I can tell you, stays with those that knew her. She, like you, made a difference. But most importantly I wanted you to know that even then, when medicine was not near as developed as today, she lived another 16 years after diagnosis and even after it entered her bones it was many years of ongoing treatment and a full life lived. I appreciate your story and what it does for others, and although you may die from breast cancer as I heard you predict today on Hoda and KathyLee, I know Charlene would want you to know that there is so many miracles in medicine every day. My other reason for writing is because I wanted you to know that your shared experience does make a difference, I still keep those lessons of life that I learned from the courage my friend shared with me and life today in her world is so much better because of the lessons of life with which she left us. We do a fundraiser for cancer research every year in Minnesota in Charlene’s memory to help with finding a new medicine for people just like you. Stay strong, have faith that your purpose is even greater than you suspect, and God has a plan for you. (Another shared lesson that Charlene left me with). I am keeping you, your health, and your impact on the world in my prayers. You are certainly a shining angel.

  33. Beautiful, courageous, empowering and inspiring Jill!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m a 19 year breast cancer survivor and I can identify with you in many ways, though of course each story is unique to each individual. I’m in awe of your smile, attitude and demeanor! Yes, your story has and will touch and change many many women. I
    would love to post your video on my web site so whoever visits it may see your story. My favorite quote:
    Success is adding importance to your life. Significance is adding value to another life. Jill, your story adds value to me and thousands of women who will see it! You are significantly phenomenal and breast cancer cannot change that!
    Love and Healthy Wishes

  34. Hi Jill, saw you on Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning and wanted to say I am living the same life as you except I had two kinds of cancer in my left breast, stage 4. After surgery, 6 rounds of chemo,30 radiation treatments I went 1 &1/2 years before the re-occurrence. As a widow this was hard but thankfully I have two sisters who were with me the entire time. I have the stage 4 cancer on my bones now and am taking an oral chemo pill. God saw me in this fight and sent the most wonderful Christian man to love me through it all. I feel good and look forward to each day. Have not seen any spread since last January so God is working a miracle for me to give me more time with my new husband. All my friends tell me I inspire them but I don’t have the National coverage you have. So, go on with it girl….keep the world informed of your breast cancer awareness. I send you hugs and encouragement, Beth King Earnest.

  35. Jill~

    I saw you on the today show today and watched the video. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 and want yiu to know how beautiful the video was and how beautiful you are. I admire your strength and beauty and your relationship with your husband. The journey that was handed to us is not an easy one, but god chooses his best fighters and we are them. I am blessed that I got to see the video as too had a bilateral mastectomy. Praying for you Jill and all your family. I don’t know you, but you have touched my heart and what an inspiration you are.

    God bless,


  36. I also watched your segment on the Today Show, this morning. What a shame for a 30 something girl talking about dying of cancer! I also have advanced stage prostate cancer.

    Everyone with any type of cancer should watch this web site and google Joanna Budwig holistic cancer cure. http://budwig-videos.com/

    The very best to all.

  37. Hi! I saw you this morning on the Today Show, and after hearing your story I googled, and then watched your beautiful video. I recently learned of an old pal of mine who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I’ll be forwarding-on your inpirational story. Thank you for sharing your light with all of us. I wish you health and happiness😋
    Thank you,


  38. Absolutely beautiful. I just saw you on TV and had to watch your video online. You’re such an inspiration to live every moment to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you the best!!

  39. Jill you are truly inspirational. My journey was incredibly easy compared to yours. I was diagnosed with Dcis in April of this year at the age of 43. I opted for a double masectomy with immediate reconstruction. I was lucky, even though it was much more aggressive when they got in there, it had not spread to any nodes. It is because of women like you that I found the strength to get through this.
    Through this process have not once said why me, but instead why not me. My breasts are different, they are scarred and don’t really feel like my own, but I am lucky! I am alive and I am cancer free!

    I thank you for sharing your story and inspiring other woman that they can get through this with grace and dignity . You are truly beautiful!

  40. Just watched the video,heartwarming,we are going through a very tuff journey with my sister who was also just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She just had a double masectomy 2 weeks ago, and it is in her lymph nodes.I will be forwarding this video to her so she can see how strong Jill is and will continue to fight.are thoughts are with you as well.

  41. Jill, I just happened to be watching Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning and was fortunate enough to see the segment they did with you and your husband Bart. I was totally amazed at your beauty, your love of life and your unselfish wish to help others. Listening to your story today made an unforgettable change in my heart and faith. I wish you many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, stars to wish upon and the knowledge to know how many lives you have touched. God bless you and your husband!

  42. I saw you on TV this morning and I wanted to see what I could do to help. How many animals in the wild do you ever hear of getting cancer? Even though your doctors say you’ll die of it that doesn’t need to be the truth. Sometimes you need to take the spiritual path rather than the one given to you! In the wild all you have is faith and no processed foods either! Let food be your medicine is what the bible says. (Have you tried brownies?:) Psalm 104:14 “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth” Genesis 1:11 “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.” So don’t believe what people tell you believe in God and you will live a long life! And if I had cancer I would be saturating myself with plenty of vitamins and not those cheap synthetic ones that are linked to cancer sometimes. I buy from the best; well I hope you do better in the coming months God bless.


    Google search “ cannabinoids in marijuana cure cancer “



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QBlvCPeMwc this one has a product for sale but not sure if it would work…


  43. You are so inspirational and beautiful. I have lymphoma and went to “An Oasis of Healing” in Mesa Arizona. I did eight wks. Some were there longer but I myself have no cancer in my lungs now and the tumor in my pelvis which had diminished over forty percent upon leaving is smaller now. You must check it out and pray God try it and live. I saw pancreatic cancer and all types of cancer cured.Fran

  44. I am so happy that Hoda met you so that I could hear your story! The first time I saw you on tv you gave me the chills and I had to rewind the tv to show everyone this beautiful shining light! You are so inspiring and you are teaching us all to live life to the fullest! Even more than ever now! I just saw you again on tv and boom, chills again! There is something very VERY special about your spirit.. You are magnetic and light up! You are definitely making the world a better place! Lots of love and strength and keep shining! xx

  45. Your story has truly touched me. I am home recovering now from a double mastectomy. Diagnosed in may at age 38 with stage IIb breast cancer. 16 rounds of chemo, now surgery, and radiation to come. The road has been so tough. But as I heal and prepare for the next step on this journey, your bright spirit will inspire me to keep my light shining through it all! God bless you!

  46. Hi Jill, Your story is really inspirational. You are a strong & beautiful woman. Your message is true, real and heartfelt. You really are an angel. I pray for your continued strength and continued support.

  47. Jill, I heard you speak today at the NHC leadership conference….I was inspired by your courage and touched by your love….as soon as I got home, I watched your video again. Your message is so needed in today’s world and I love you for having the courage and generosity to deliver it….I know it would be easy to focus on you. Please know that I will pray for you and try in any way I can to help spread the message. You are one of the most incredible women I have ever come across…….
    pam pho

  48. A couple of weeks ago my beautiful friend Cynthia sent me the documentary and was moved by your courage, your strength, and your beautiful story. I think most important to me was how your story inspired my friend Cynthia who was diagnosed with breast cancer early this year. She is a young single mother and through your story she was able to share with me the feelings and thoughts of someone with a similar experience. She, like you, is brave and beautiful and has inspired me in unimaginable ways. I just want to thank you and Sue Bryce for sharing your story and for giving my friend and the world such a beautiful gift.

  49. God bless this wonderful young woman….I am a thirty year survivor..mastectomy and chemo. I was 43 at the time with a young family. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God.
    We will pray for a miracle…Jill certainly is a shining example of courage and inspiration. Ness Welham

  50. Jill, I heard about your video from my sister today and looked you up. What a beautiful woman you are! Both inside and out! I used to babysit you when you were little and I can see the face I remember in the face in your video. I loved your amazing story, I can relate as I am a breast cancer survivor too. I was diagnosed stage IIA one week shy of my 41st birthday. I endured a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. I finished my treatment in June 2010 and get checked regularly, but always worry about recurrence. Your positivity and strength will take you far and the support and love from family and friends will carry you through the struggles and tough times. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Jill. I wish you all the best!

  51. I saw your video and wanted to send my prayers and support to you and your family.
    I have had people in my family that have had cancer.
    Enclosed are some poems for support to you.

    Best of Luck On Your Goals

    I am sure you will accomplish the many goals you set out to achieve.
    You are a determined smart and independent individual that is fair and compassionate.
    You are outgoing and get along well with others.
    Even though life throws us curves, you will stay on course and bring sunshine to others even when the rain clouds are storming.
    I wish you the best in all you do.

    A Guide A Teacher

    Motivates by assisting and teaching others to be their best.
    Educating today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.
    Has words of wisdom.
    Like a sailor on a voyage.
    Through the calm and stormy days,
    You’ll be the guiding light.
    Has dedication that exceeds expectations.
    Like spring each day is a new beginning.

    Distinctions Of Music And Love

    Music like love can bring many a feeling to you.
    It can put chills through your body, tears in your eyes and pain in your heart and soul.
    Music can give you a natural high and then bring you down to your knees.
    When you hear certain songs you are reminded of people and places you have known and seen.
    It reminds you of people you have liked and those who you will only be with in your dreams.
    The beauty of a song like the beauty of a love can be two of life’s biggest ups and downs.
    They are both works of art with uniqueness and beauty that radiates out and has messages deep within.

  52. I pray for you everyday Jill that a miracle will happen. You are a courageous young lady and someone we should all admire. God will take you on your journey. God Bless!!

  53. Jill, sometimes we are singled out for specialness, a reason for being, to ourselves & others as humans. That itself doesn’t help in our moments of pain, anxiety& fear but it gives us hope there’s a reason to be alive. Yes, alive is sometimes all we have & it can be wonderful in small ways.you are here & this is your reason, beautiful, girl! I share another candle poem with you, my favorite; ” I light my candle at both ends, it doesn’t last the night. But ah, my friends and oh, my foes, it gives a lovely light” Edna St Vincent Millay .The light is yours, God Bless You, Susan Edwards

  54. Jill, you are truly an inspiration! Your documentary will stick with me for a lifetime, and you have touched my soul and showed me that in our darkest moments, sometimes we find the light inside ourselves. Your photos in Paris not only show how beautiful you are, but how beautiful your soul is, and how strong and absolutely brave you are! That is what beauty is, so keep shining! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!
    Xo, Liz

  55. Wish I could switch with you, and give you my health, so you could be there a lifetime for your family!! I have no reason to be here, no husband, children, etc., and I beg God every day to let me die and go to Heaven NOW! I only have pets that depend on me, and when I was diagnosed with a fibroides tumor in myy right breast recently, the day before my surgery at Norton, my father got all over me for having ANY pets AT ALL, even though I live alone, and have been divorced 26 years!! They and two best friends, along with friends in the music industry, ARE ABSOLUTELY ALL I HAVE TO LIVE FOR!!! My pets are beautiful pieces of God’s artwork, and I praise Him frequently every day for each one, which are fish and three cats. My dear mother, God rest her soul, died when I was only 11, my brother, 10, but my father has NEVER been emotionally encouraging or happy in ANY way, shape or form with me, and never will be, even though i have no criminal record, and j
    have strict, old-fashion morals. Anyway, God bless you and your dearfamily and husband-you are BEAUTIFUL!!

  56. You are such a beautiful inspiring young woman! I have been following your story & praying for you daily. Stay strong & know that everyone loves you. You’re truly amazing! God bless you!

  57. today during your speech you not only made me realize that I am so lucky with what I have and that I am healthy but also that I am beautiful just being me! also I just wanted to say I showed my mom your documentary and it had her in tears, her step mom had a cancer scare last year and we can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through! you will always be in your prayers and in our hearts. thank you so much and stay strong

  58. I had breast cancer 9 yrs ago i bought a wig for a wedding. I had taken it off before it was over ending up donating it to a girl with a hair disorder. I had it in the right breast. Things went ok with that. Had a couple scaers with the left breats so i had them take that. Got implant then stave infection. They had to take it out. I never got another one. I did not ware a wig and i dont ware a bra. Im national. I so wish other could do the same. Every body loved me bald my niece thinks thats my look. I always went to my teatments bald and all the other lady ware a wig. Im glad i have the strength and will power being me. I wish others could do it to. Ur story is amazing. I would love to do something like this. I wish u joy and peace. So inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. Me in Cedar Rapids Iowa. (:

  59. Happened upon your story via Nikki Closser’s blog. Of course, I needed tissues after watching your video. While the photography and setting were certainly beautiful, I think what made me most emotional was the grace and beauty emulating from you–to still shine that light after all you have battled is truly remarkable. I have a long history of invasive breast cancer and mastectomies in my family (mother, mother’s sister, maternal grandmother, grandmother’s sister) and though I don’t pretend to be able to relate to your trials, they do hit closer to home. I pray that you can continue to let your light shine both on this earth and in whatever comes next. And I thank God for the gift He has given us through you sharing your story.
    God Bless you and your family~

  60. I gave been following you & praying fur you since your first diagnosis, Jill, and you remain an angel brought to earth! God bless you, your sweet husband and your Mom!

  61. My name is Brandy and I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer @ 34 years old. I was amazed at Jill’s strength and definitely fight through my own battles. I draw strength from many things and one of them was knowing Jill’s story. I am still fighting over a year later but I will never give up. I wanted to see Jill while she was in Las cruces, NM last year but I was too sick. Please let her know that she has truly touched my life and if their is anything that I can do I would be glad to do it.

    All my love,
    Brandy Guillen

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