How do I get a second opinion?

You can ask your GP, consultant or hospital unit for a second opinion. A second opinion is when you go to a different doctor other than your regular doctor to get their view on your health problems. Its really to help you get a more informed decision on your situation.

You don’t have a legal right to a second opinion but sometimes a healthcare professional will consider your circumstances and if a second opinion is needed. However you can pay for one if needed.

Do you need a second opinion?

Before asking for a second opinion it’s worth talking about your diagnosis with your GP or consultant andgets them to explain everything in more depth.

If you’re not happy with your diagnosis or want to consider a different course of treatment then its best youdiscuss with your GP. Your GP won’t be angry and in fact, they’ll make things much easier.

Can anyone else ask for a second opinion?

Your family or carer could also ask for a second opinion for you but in order for them to do this, they will need your permission. If someone requests a second opinion for you then they will need all the information about your illness.

A GP or consultant may ask one of their coworkers for another point of view.

Second opinion from a different GP

If you would like a second opinion after talking to your GP you could book an appointment with a different one. You can also go to the private care and get a second opinion from them. Places like The Loc are great for offering a second opinion.


How long will I have to wait for a second opinion?

People who ask for a second opinion have seen a doctor so there may be some time to wait before you getan appointment. A second opinion with a new doctor will most likely be at a new hospital which would involve some travelling.

Getting a second opinion could delay any treatment you get so if you have a serious condition you should take this into consideration. Discuss things through with your doctor and go through everything. A delay in starting treatment could be very harmful. Private care, however, tends to be pretty fast, however the downside is you now need to pay for it.

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