Bowel cancer symptoms: ‘Bowel babe’ describes her ‘classic’ signs of tumour on Lorraine

Bowel cancer symptoms: ‘Bowel babe’ describes her 'classic' signs of tumour on Lorraine

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK, according to the NHS.Most people diagnosed with the condition are over the age of 60.But, one woman, who statistically “shouldn’t have had bowel cancer”, was diagnosed with the condition at 35 years old.Deborah James, the ‘Bowel Babe’, described her classic symptoms of the condition on ITV’s Lorraine.“I thought, for about five months, I had typical IBS symptoms,” James said. “Unfortunately for me I started passing blood in my stools, and it started getting worse and worse and worse.“One of the classic signs was a change in bowel habits.“Being a busy mum of two, I put it down to stress.“Then I started going really often and getting cramping, and having a bit of diarrhoea.“But the key thing for me was I was passing blood. I initially thought it was haemorrhoids or something completely benign,” she added. Bowel cancer risk factors Mon, April 3, 2017 Bowel cancer: Here are the risk factors of the disease to be aware of. Play slideshow Bowel cancer risk factors After James started losing weight, she began feeling very tired, she explained.All of the symptoms were classic signs of bowel cancer, she added.James was 35 when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.She had been a vegetarian for 25 years, and worked out between four and five times a week.Finding persistent blood in your stool that occurs for no obvious reason is one of the three major signs of bowel cancer, according to the NHS.GETTY ImagesITVHaving a change to your bowel habit, or having a persistent stomach pain could also be symptoms of the cancer.You can take the NHS bowel cancer symptoms checker to see if you’re at risk of the disease.You should see a GP if your symptoms persist, or keep coming back.The doctor will carry out a simple examination of your stomach and anus to check for lumps, and may also arrange a blood test.


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