CancerBro explains kidney cancer symptoms

CancerBro explains kidney cancer symptoms

In the last video, CancerBro met Mr. Kenny – a kidney cancer patient. Today, CancerBro will explain various symptoms of kidney cancer in detail.

In case, you didn’t watch the first video, follow this link – to understand how a patient of kidney cancer presents.

Video Transcript:

CancerBro, what are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

The most common symptoms of kidney cancer are, passafe of blood in urine, abdominal pain, or abdominal mass.

Sometimes, it may also cause loss of weight and appetite, or excessive fatigue and anemia.

And rarely, spread of the disease to the other parts of the body, like lungs or bone, may cause cough, breathlessness and bone pain.

So these were the symptoms of kidney cancer. These factors if kept in mind, may help to diagnose the disease at early stage before it becomes very advanced.

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