Liver Health, Kidneys Skin Cancer Black Salve Black Seed Oil

Liver Health, Kidneys Skin Cancer Black Salve Black Seed Oil

Well – I’ve learned so very much about the health of one of our organs – our liver!
Liver Health, Kidneys Detoxing My Liver And Yours!
I have also found out that if the liver is compromised, then the kidneyes are also at stake and may be in trouble as well. So, what can we do to head this off?

My opinion is that it is always easier to prevent troubles, than to reverse them! However I’m also interested in ‘reversing’ some of the signs and symptoms of disease.

I’ll be speaking to the foods, lifestyle changes, and supplements that I’ll be using for myself and my family, at 10:00 AM Eastern time – today!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at my YouTube Channel!

Peace Buttercups!

~~~Nancy Gurish

P.S. I think all of us get an inflammed liver as we age! It makes sense because of GMO foods and toxins in our water, food and environment!
It takes work to stay healthy today and to maintain our health!

Also, being aware of kidney health is another important idea!

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